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What Exactly Is The 2018 Agility Challenge And Why Should You Join NOW?


The 2018 Agility Challenge builds a community around shared agility training experiences for the dogs, for the handlers, and for the dog-handler teams. Challenge Team Members can choose from a menu of exercises, training plans, course designs, and more - just what they need to improve their own skills. 

For a one-time payment of $89, there’s a whole year of agility improvement! Although the year is partway through, you'll STILL have access to all of the previous month's activities, AND you can get feedback on them!

You will be inspired to push yourself and explore new things in The 2018 Agility Challenge. Become part of a group that is supportive and full of knowledgeable people on many different agility topics and learn a ton throughout the  year!! The unique format of this yearlong challenge means that you can choose exactly how involved to be without ever feeling like you've missed out. 

Is The Agility Challenge a class? Is it a club? A discussion group? What IS it? 

The Agility Challenge is unlike any online agility course you've taken before

The Agility Challenge is more than just another online course. It's part fitness and conditioning training, part agility handling and training course, part coaching, and all community. The Challenge will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly activities to work on with your dog...for a whole year.

This is not just another online course! The Agility Challenge is a yearlong program designed to motivate  you to reach for your best agility year yet, with content, activities, and coaching designed to help  you focus on purposeful, deliberate practice, and FUN - regardless of your agility experience level!

Just getting started? Been doing agility for decades? All levels are welcome! We are a community of learners who represent all the best of agility. Join Daisy Peel and The Challenge Team community to further your training, handling, fitness, conditioning, and mental management skills...for the whole year!


Join The Agility Challenge with Daisy Peel

The Agility Challenge is designed to be your one stop resource for training ideas, handling sequences, motivation, mental training, conditioning and fitness for agility, league play, and more! 

What Will The Agility Challenge Do For You?

  1. The Agility Challenge will keep you focused on purposeful training. It's so much more than just agility equipment and handling. Training is broken down each month into areas most people will never focus on, left to their own devices. The Agility Challenge  will give you a chance to learn the depth of training necessary to be successful.
  2. With The Agility Challenge, you gain a community of support. Expert agility people make it look easy, but with everyone in the community (The Challenge Team) sharing what is difficult, or that they are behind or have frustrations and successes just like you, you'll always know you're not alone. The community will support you from the posting of your first video to your first competition, all the way to...wherever you want to go! 
  3. The Agility Challenge is a financial steal (one low price for the whole year!),   will help you move your agility training forward,  and give you better goals and so much more to consider than simply agility. You'll enjoy all the content available throughout the year, and all the great discussions that the Challenge Team engages in!
  4. Live in the middle of nowhere, or far away from regular instruction? For many of us, most of our training happens alone.  The Agility Challenge will give you the same opportunities that more expert handlers in larger cities have available. No discrimination to being in the middle of nowhere and membership for an entire year for one ridiculously low price.

There's so much content already available for this year, you won't believe the price! The 2018 Agility Challenge is a year long program, and you pay just a one-time $89 fee for membership for the year! Several Challenge Team Members have complained to me that I didn't charge enough - but with so much of agility becoming so expensive, I want The Agility Challenge to be accessible to everybody!

Elements Of The 2018 Agility Challenge

Daily, weekly, and monthly activities and topics all add up to a year of purposeful practice, creating habits that improve your training, handling, conditioning, and performance!


Choose from suggested activities each day that contribute to your handling, training, fitness, and focus with your dog. 



You'll receive a weekly newsletter with motivational content to help you stay the course with your goals, whether they be small or large. 


Each month will focus on a different broad topic. These topics will focus our training and handling, in addition to the daily activities you choose to work on with your dog.

It All Adds Up To Your Best Agility Year Yet

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    Daily activities. Small activities that don't take much time or space, engaged in on a daily basis and according to the principles of deliberate practice, contribute to habits of excellence, allowing you to stay focused on the moments you spend with your dog, and to maximize your learning and training time together.
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    Weekly Motivation. We all need a little kick in the pants sometimes! In addition to the weekly newsletter, tips for training, handling, focus, nutrition, and fitness, both canine and human, will give you more tools for your training toolbox, and get you thinking about how to be creative in your training.
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    Monthly Topics. Each month will focus on a different broad topic. Rear crosses, front crosses, blind crosses, distance work - these topics and more will focus your training and handling each month, in addition to the daily activities you choose to work on with your dog in the categories of handling, training, nutrition, fitness, and focus. Training and handling tips, courses, and demonstration videos from Daisy Peel and her dogs will help get you started on the topic for the month, and give you guidance.
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    League Play. What is League Play? Agility Challenge League Play consists of courses that you can set up as an individual or as part of a team, and run for friendly competition against your Challenge Team Member peers! There will be league play courses for large as well as small spaces each month, so regardless of your training space, you can participate!
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    Goals for the whole year. The goal for the 2018 Agility Challenge is to provide you with just enough structure to give you direction and focus, without constricting you to go down a path that doesn't feel right for you and your dog. Whether you're just getting into the sport of dog agility, or you've been around for decades, The Agility Challenge and the Challenge Team Community will help you and your dog progress! The Challenge Team Community discussion group provides a safe space to explore just about any dog agility related topic, and the Challenge Team Members bring a wealth of information to the group.

Never Train Alone Again

This is the perfect yearlong course format, which offers monthly work lessons covering both human and dog conditioning, skills and handling. The cost and effort allows otherwise overly committed agility handlers to jump in with all or some each month or when they have the right time/set up to cover a section. Individual coaching from Daisy Peel, as well as help and discussion from your fellow Challenge Team Members means you'll never be alone in your training. Have a handling or training question? Ask the Challenge Team. Need ideas for training, handling, conditioning, fitness, or mental focus? Ask the Challenge Team. 

Read what CHALLENGE TEAM MEMBERS have to say!

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 16 reviews
by Shyne Brothers and Kam on The 2018 Agility Challenge
Worth Every Penny!

I enthusiastically recommend the Agility Challenge to anyone interested in improving their agility skills. The challenge is packed with exceptional content relating to handling, fitness, mental skills, and more. Every month, I look forward to setting up the handling challenges and observing an effective way to run each course. The fitness challenges have helped me lose weight, and improve my balance and footwork. The Agility Challenge is fun, informative, and worth every penny. Thank you so much Daisy Peel!

by Catherine T on The 2018 Agility Challenge
It's multifaceted!

The challenge is so multi-faceted. The dog training, handling and personal fitness challenges were great but there was so much more! Daisy and other community members often recommend books and other resources for both self improvement and dog training skills. The community was friendly and supportive. The Challenge was absolutely a DEAL. Thank you Daisy Peel I'm very grateful for your passionate and generous sharing of your knowledge.

Looking forward to next year! The 2017 Challenge has helped us so much in how we have developed as a team. Not to mention all the discussion with every challenge. So many cheers and support from everyone!

Rekindled my interest in running!

I had a terrible start to the year so have only just recently been able to start some of the challenges but have absolutely loved everything we have tried so far. The handling exercises are such great practice drills and perfect for me as I train on my own most of the time. It's really great to be able to see you run the drills with your dogs and then to have a go at the same exercises and handling. So good for Jim and I and we all love a shaping challenge! The handler fitness challenges have kick started some new daily habits, most notably a rekindled interest in running and I can now run a 5K comfortably. This alone has made me a better handler for Jim who is whippet x collie and so fast! I'm so glad I signed up for the 2017 challenge and very grateful to have access beyond 2017 so I can catch up properly and really looking forward to the 2018 challenge too! Big thank you for everything so far :-) xx

Thank you for The Challenge!

First off, I love this challenge and am highly recommending it to my agility friends. A challenge isn't suppose to be easy, and by February I was a little overwhelmed as my dog wasn't ready for the complexities and I didn't know how to adjust. So at one point I thought about just giving up, but then I realized I could take bits and pieces and learn through those experiences. We still don't do everything, but each month, it gives me "lesson plans" to focus on and continue to move my agility training forward. Otherwise this would be a haphazard training I am afraid. The information is becoming a book for me, that I will continue to use in my training for years to come. The critique and advise through the year is invaluable. That in addition with meeting some great people through this experience, makes the cost of this class a "steal". I love how I have connected with people through this challenge and met people even within 25 miles of me! I am excited to do more by following each team's progress through the year and Daisy, your sharing of Chispa's journey has been inspirational. Your experiences with her have taught me about perseverance, strength and heart. Thank you Daisy for this challenge!

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Are you ready to join The Challenge Team? Are you ready to get daily, weekly, and monthly training activities and tips? Are you ready for a year filled with purposeful practice, motivation, and fun?

Daisy Peel​​​

Creator of The Agility Challenge

About Daisy Peel

Daisy teaches students of all ages and stages around the globe, in person and through The Agility Challenge, and is dedicated to helping people further their self-improvement through better training, better handling, and better mastery of their mental game.

Daisy has been on the forefront of the trend of online agility education, and the Agility Challenge is one of the leading sources for those seeking to improve the quality of their participation in the sport from afar. Her instruction, whether online or in person, is widely sought after as some of the best instruction available for those at any level, with any type of dog.

Still Not Sure You're Ready To Join?

Some online courses cost hundreds of dollars, but The Agility Challenge costs less than entering one dog at one show for one weekend! With your membership, you get:

  • Daily Challenges
  • Weekly Newsletter with training tips, motivation, user submitted articles, and more
  • Monthly League Play
  • Monthly Handling Challenges
  • The Challenge Team Member Training Journal
  • Supportive and helpful community of  agility enthusiasts
  • Monthly Training Challenges that tie in with Handling Challenges
  • A whole year of fun!

What if you can't participate each month?

Don't worry! Life is busy, and it can easy to feel like you're falling behind. The Agility Challenge is designed to help you wherever you are with your training and handling, even if you have to take a break during the year. You'll always be able to go back and benefit from previous months' challenges, and you'll never get left behind.

What if weather or space prohibits training?

Never fear! Small space training and handling activities will allow you to participate even when the weather or access to larger training spaces threatens to derail your progress! 

Here's a reminder of what you get!

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    Daily training activities
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    Weekly Newsletter with training tips, motivation, user submitted articles, and more
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    ​Monthly League Play and Handling Challenges
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    ​Monthly training, fitness, and K9 Conditioning Challenges
  • angle-right
    ​Challenge Team Member Training Journal
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    Access to T​he Challenge Community

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